Book of Dead Names - The Story Unfolds

1. A Full Grown Man In A Monkey Suit
2. And It Never Ends
3. Establishment Of Pronunciation
4. How To Become An Assasin 5. I Think I'm Go To Be Sick
6. One Last Grasp
7. Punch In And Breed
8. Rosalind Franklin's Last Words
9. The Guilty King's New Crown 10. The Skin Is Coming Off Again
11. This Math Is Complicated 12. This One Has The Alternate Ending
13. We Aren't Vampires, We're Cowboys


The Sons of Saturn - You'll Never Want To Do Anything Else Ever Again

Pura energía y técnica.


01. Even Seventh Heaven
02. On The Pavement
03. Dog Tired
04. Toro Stereo
05. So Ran And Still...
06. Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
07. One Time For All
08. Austin
09. Mimic Behavior
10. For Eternity


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