Epifanía - Laciudadelasfloresecas

01. Flores
02. Caminar buscando ese algo
03. Las tortugas también vuelan
04. El negocio de ser padres
05. Dua Khali
06. Las paredes, las ideas y las manos que las dibujan
07. Luciérnagas
08. El cuarto mundo existe, solo que aún se rien del tercero
09. Plataformas de papel
10. Las abejas
11. Los dias mueren siempre
12. Las tortugas tambien caen

The Spectacle (2005) I, Fail

1 Courage And A Brick
2 Flag Of Defeat
3 By God
4 When Every Move Is Anticipated
5 From Sandbox To Laboratory
6 All Towers Must Fall
7 Self And Other
8 I, Fail


The Reptilian (2009) Boy's Life

1 I'll Ram My Ovopositor Down Your Throat And Lay My Eggs In Your Chest But, I'm...
2 So...What Are My Torso Options?
3 Wallkicks Will Work
4 I Can't Drink This, It's Warm!


The Reptilian (2008) We Have Become EP

1 The One Thing I Could Never Stomach About Santa Carla Was All The Damn Vampires
2 I Sure Hope Ving Rhames Isn't In This One
3 Neptune Or Mars... Or Neptune
4 Let's Slip Away Under Cover of Afternoon In the Biggest Car In the County


Kaospilot (2009) Shadows

1 Lunar
2 When Te Wind Turns Her Hands
3 Shadows
4 The Indian Became A Thunderbird
5 Ad Infinitum
6 Colossus
7 The Death Knell
8 The Symphony Plays With Natures Crime
9 Weak Hands May Equal Firm Valor
10 Petroglyphs
11 Foruten Tid
12 Vivre Sa Vie


Kaospilot (2003) Kaospilot

1 Robots Took On The Outside Of Dogs
2 Rethink The Guidelines
3 Eleventh Hour Tactics
4 Arm Your Fists
5 School Of Assassins
6 The Vicious Cycle
7 Process Is Set
8 Akathisia
9 Letter Of Condolence
10 Dead Conversation
11 Prologue To Better Players


Illuminati (2003) Demo

01 Illuminati
02 Los Ultimos Dias De La Dulzura
03 Institucional
04 Alguien A Quien Besar
05 Un Ejercicio Contemporaneo De Deconstruccion
06 12xU


One Day As A Lion (2008) One Day As A Lion

1 Wild International
2 Ocean View
3 Last Letter
4 If You Fear Dying
5 One Day As A Lion

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